Musical mobiles are one of the most traditional nursery decorations – and for good reason! Having a baby mobile in the nursery is great for aesthetic appeal, soothing your little one and adding a lovely touch to your nursery décor scheme. There is a plethora of baby mobiles to choose from, however we think that Cam Cam Copenhagen takes the cake when it comes to cot mobile quality, appeal and function. Here are three top reasons to love Cam Cam Copenhagen’s line of baby mobiles:

1. Adds a Scandinavian touch to the nursery

Scandinavian design is all about minimalism, high quality, function, and a connection to nature. Hanging a baby mobile over the cot, against a window or above the changing table is a great way to add a little Scandinavian flare to your nursery! Each Cam Cam nursery mobile is carefully quilted by hand which contributes to its unique, handmade look. A Scandinavian baby cot mobile is a timeless nursery addition that outlives trends and never goes out of style.

Kids with balloon musical cot mobiles in nursery

2. Soothes and entertains baby

Soothed Baby with star and balloon musical mobilesHanging a Cam Cam baby mobile in the nursery is a great way to soothe and entertain your little one. Whether during nap time, bed time or changing time, having a cot mobile hanging overhead can be very therapeutic for your little bubba and also provides audio-visual stimulation. Cam Cam makes a balloon musical cot mobile and a peacock cot mobile – both of which are absolutely adorable!


Balloon Musical Mobile

Cam Cam’s balloon musical cot mobile is a classic nursery décor piece with the added function of lulling your little one to sleep. The baby cot mobile is hand quilted giving it a lovely handmade look, and features a natural wooden ring at the base of the nursery mobile. The musical mobile plays “Summertime” by George Gershwin when the wooden ring is pulled!

Balloon cot mobile pressed leaves

Peacock Baby Mobile

Cam Cam’s peacock baby cot mobile is another timeless nursery piece. Your baby will love the shape and friendly face of the peacock nursery mobile, which comes in a variety of colours and prints made to match Cam Cam’s other nursery products. This cot mobile is great for hanging over the crib along with one of Cam Cam’s cot canopies.

Peacock music mobile for nursery in old rose

3. Made to match the nursery

Another reason we love Cam Cam cot mobiles is that they come in a variety of darling colours and patterns that can be coordinated to match the entire nursery décor! Every Cam Cam baby mobile can be coordinated with Cam Cam’s entire range of nursery products including changing mats, baby nests, feeding bibs and more. From calming solid colours to Cam Cam’s signature pressed leaves pattern in both blue and rose, you’re sure to find a cot mobile to match your chosen design scheme.

Peacock nursery cot mobile in mint with Cam Cam cot canopy

Adding a baby cot mobile is a great way to enhance the overall look and function of your nursery. We love Cam Cam nursery mobiles for their Scandinavian aesthetic and quality craftsmanship. You can find baby mobiles at Nordlife, an online nursery and baby boutique based in Australia.