For top of the line fitness equipment in Brisbane, Gold Coast or really anywhere in Australia, AtomicMass is your one-stop-shop. In this post, we’ll fill you in on this top-notch retailer as well as give you a run-down on some of their best-selling gym equipment products. Enjoy!

About Atomicmass

Atomicmass is an online retailer of gym and fitness equipment based in Brisbance, Australia. AtomicMass sells a wide range of weight benches, dumbbells, bumper plates, gym racks, fitness accessories and more that are great for developing your strength, burning calories and building muscles. AtomicMass produces all of their own power racks and weight lifting equipment right here in Brisbane, plus, they ship Australia-wide! The gym racks, flat benches, and adjustable benches all come with a lifetime warranty – if you break it, they’ll replace it! Most of the materials for AtomicMass’ quality commercial gym and home fitness equipment are sourced right here in Australia.

Atomicmass top sellers


Gym bench

Atomicmass sells a variety of incline benches, adjustable benches and flat gym benches for your home and commercial gym needs. All of their weight benches are constructed from top quality laser-cut steel, powder coated in Dulux powder for a durable finish and fitted out with comfortable padding and vinyl covering. Their gym benches are also made in Brisbane and each one comes with a lifetime warranty so you know it is super high quality!

Incline decline commercial gym strength bench

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Dumbbell set

Atomicmass’ wide range of dumbbells and dumbbell sets include their ever-popular rubber hex dumbbells, their standard elite dumbbells and their round TPU handle with straight grip handle. Ranging from sizes from 1kg to 70kg, AtomicMass dumbbells will help you increase strength and achieve your fitness goals!

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Bumper plates

AtomicMass bumper plates are another winner in our book – suitable for both home and commercial gyms. Their range of bumper plate weights range from 0.5kg right up to 25kg and are optimal for a variety of fitness uses. From their rubber coated Olympic bumper plates to their premium bumper plates, AtomicMass bumper plates are extremely high quality, come in pairs and are fully compatible with whichever barbells you’ve chosen for your gym.

If you’re looking for high-quality, durable and well-made fitness and gym equipment, look no further than Brisbane-based Atomicmass. We love that Atomicmass makes all of their fitness equipment right here in Brisbane, ships Australia-wide, and offers lifetime warranties on all of their rack and bench frames. Check out their site today to start stocking your home or commercial gym with the best gym equipment products on the Australian market!