Many of us aren’t happy with our bodies – we feel too fat, too skinny, too flat, too flabby, too bulky, too SOMETHING. However often when beginners start working out they don’t see the results they want, so they give up. You can go to the gym for years and never truly get the body you hope for – so what do you need to do to make your exercise worthwhile? Choose a workout that is right for you. While eating less and exercising more are the basics for losing weight, they don’t even begin to encompass all the different factors that come into play when choosing the ideal workout for you.



What Are Your Goals?

Your goals for exercising are essential in choosing a type of sport, workout or exercise regime. Think about what you want to achieve – do you want to lose weight? Gain fitness? Increase your cardiovascular strength? Have a sore back you’d like to stop hurting? Different goals can be achieved through different workouts. For starters, yoga can be helpful for toning and strengthening, whilst cycling or running can be great for cardiovascular health.

What Is Your Body Type?

What body type do you have? Are you underweight or overweight? Do you have bulky muscles or lean ones? Your body type is the result of a mixture of genetics and lifestyle choices. Taking into account your current body type and your goal body can help you choose a workout. Whilst no exercise can miraculously make you taller, or make those who tend towards a straighter body type hourglass bombshells, it can make a drastic impact on the way you look. Speak to a personal trainer about the best way to work with your body type.

How Much Time Do You Have?

How much time you have directly impacts the type of exercise you can and should do. If you want quick results but don’t have much time, weekly yoga isn’t going to cut it. That said, if you have a few half-hours free a week yoga can have huge benefits. If you are time poor consider going to a gym near you – that way you can exercise regardless of weather at the time you’re free to workout.

What Is Your Exercise History?

Your exercise history can also play a part in deciding what you should do next. If you’ve been injured during exercise before you should speak to a professional before partaking in any new exercise regimes.

What Do You Enjoy?

Don’t forget to ask yourself that all important question – what do you like doing? Exercise should be fun, if it isn’t you’re unlikely to stick to it. Do something you enjoy and you’ll reap the rewards.