Properly reporting bodily harm or a ‘near miss’ at work, is an essential step in making a WorkCover claim. The initial report is a key document in later potential claims. Even if you feel that you are not badly injured you should make a report, as injuries sometimes worsen. It is highly important that everyone who works is aware of how to report an injury properly. If you have been injured and want to claim you should seek legal advice after filing the immediate notice of injury.

Immediate Response



If there has been an injury at your workplace then it is of the utmost importance that this is officially noted. A report should be written with all pertinent information about the incident. If you have been injured then it is important that you are checked by a doctor and informed as to possible long term consequences. All documentation should be kept as it may later be essential to a claim. If an incident is particularly severe then it is regarded as ‘notifiable’. These incidents must be reported to WorkCover immediately, not only noted in the workplace. Incidents that fall into this category include death, severe injury and dangerous near misses. If you are in doubt, check.

The appropriate report should be made straight away (following any crucial medical or emergency attention) to WorkCover on 13 10 50. This is to notify WorkCover that an urgent investigation is needed. Following this call you need to notify your business’ insurance provider within 48 hours.

The site of injury must be seen by a WorkCover agent as it was at the time of injury. This investigation is a legal process and should not be tampered with. If you are the injured worker and feel your workplace has not followed these legal requirements you should inform your Adelaide lawyers.

Penalties for Non-Report

Australian law dictates that businesses or individuals who do not follow report procedures can be heavily penalised. As well as speaking with your lawyer you should notify WorkCover of these lapses.

Making a Claim

After the initial report of injury, the claims process can begin. It is important that you always report an injury so that if it worsens you can make a claim. Claims are time sensitive, so if you feel an injury you sustained at work is negatively effecting you, then speak with a lawyer. Legislation regarding claims is very complicated and nuanced, with different amounts of compensation awarded depending on circumstance. For that reason you should file your Adelaide WorkCover claims with the help of a lawyer.