Stinky blocked pipes, that never ending dripdripdrip from your shower and a basin that won’t drain – nobody likes them. For that reason, having a local plumber you can count on is absolutely essential. But many of our clients tell us it took them a while to find a good plumber in Geelong.

So how do you find one? In this day and age Google has the answer to everything, right? Unfortunately even in you Google, ‘Best Plumbers in Geelong’ you might not actually be finding the best plumber. So what should you look for in your best plumber?

no-doubt-plumbing-teamOne common way to choose is to ask for a few quotes and then choose the cheapest. Unfortunately it’s often difficult to compare quotes accurately, as each quote may not cover the exact same service. Make sure you ask exactly what you’ll get for your money. You may find the cheapest quote doesn’t work out cheapest at all.

They also might be using cheap products or taking potentially risky shortcuts. If one business is far cheaper than others, it might just be too good to be true.

The same goes for the most expensive quote- that work might not be the best. You need to take into account other factors.

Another handy piece of advice is that on the phone quotes are not always a definite or final price. Phone estimates are a good way to get a grip on the price range an issue presents, but an in-person quote is necessary to evaluate the unique problem. We’ve outlined some extra questions below that can help you get beyond simple price comparison.

How long has your company existed?

It’s basic instinct to trust a company that has been around for longer – after all, they must be doing something right. It’s also more likely they have experienced staff and more customer reviews. A new company could be a good choice, but you should put a little more research in.

Does your insurance cover both my property and my neighbours?

This is absolutely essential to know. Regardless of whether your plumbing work is major or something small, your contractor should have good insurance. This means if something does go wrong, you won’t be left to foot a gigantic bill.

Could I see some references or examples of past work?

The company you want should be proud of their work. That means they’ll either have a location you can visit to see their previous jobs, or some references and testimonials that reflect recent and successful plumbing jobs. Still unsure? Check out their social media page. What have other customers had to say, or what are people saying about them on third party review sites?

Does your plumbing work come with a guarantee?

This question is so often forgotten, but so important to ask. The best plumbers in Geelong will be sure of their work, so they’ll offer some kind of guarantee that things wont go wrong. That could be a money back guarantee, or a replacement guarantee.

Asking your plumber these easy questions will allow you to know if the plumber your choosing is your best option. It’s important to put in a little research at the start, so you can relax and never worry about your plumbing again. You’ll have the best plumbers doing that for you.

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