By Arianne McManus

Sharny Kieser trained for her fifth pregnancy expecting a marathon, but she experienced was a walk in the park.

The Pelican Waters fitness expert gave birth to his son Hugo on July 12 in a “pain-free” three hours with all credits to her peak fitness.



“This was my first completely pain-free birth, where it wasn’t at all in any time across the birthing experience painful,” she said.

“For my other births I hadn’t been at my fittest.

“This time I was and I think that was the difference.”

The 34-year-old, who opted for a home birth, described the experience as “intense” but said it did not have any of the pain of a usual childbirth.

Mrs. Kieser haven’t felt anything painful due to her past births, and it was more of just an intensity.

During her pregnancy, her diet and exercise regime of cutting out sugar and eating only the most nutritions food, and staying fit and strong with daily exercise allowed her to gain just 10kg throughout.

A week after Hugo’s birth, she only needed to drop 4kg to reach her ideal weight and she believes it will be no time before that happens.

The original article was posted on Noosa News.