With home exercise machines readily available and the convenience of staying home, why join a gym? Though exercising at home can be good, especially for short 15 minute daily exercises, nothing can replace the results and expertise you get at a great gym. So why join a local gym?

Inspiration and Community

It makes almost any task easier to have a community of people to do it with. Even if you are not directly engaging with people at your gym, seeing other people with the same goals working hard to achieve greater fitness is always inspiring. You can also join classes at good gyms in Port Melbourne that will allow you to meet new, similar minded people, and gain inspiration from teachers and experts.

Fewer Distractions

Home is full of distractions. You may have kids, the TV, the fridge, the computer, the phone, or a whole range of distractions. While initially this might spell convenience, what is often results in is a distracted, cut short or half hearted work out. At the gym you have a set goal, to exercise, and there is little there to stop you.


Committing to a Port Melbourne fitness gym requires a commitment of money. The good thing about this is it actually inspires you to go work out more. You don’t want to waste your money. The commitment of having joined a gym reminds you of your commitment to your goal. If you join classes you also have the commitment to your teacher and new friends to regularly attend.

Diversity of Exercise

Though it is possible to have a diverse workout at home, it is much easier at a gym. Not only is there a vast range of machines at a great gym, you can also get tips from professionals on new moves and take classes. Changing things up not only improves the results you see, but keeps you inspired to work out.