All employees are eligible to receive compensation if their employment has resulted in illness or bodily harm. Legislation exists to protect employees from companies who may try to shirk their responsibility. However understanding your legal rights is of the utmost necessity in ensuring you are compensated properly.

Making A Claim



If you feel you have been injured due to work you have the complete legal right to make a claim, regardless of your employer’s opinion. Any employer trying to block an employee’s right to claim should be reported. An essential step in making a claim is reporting an injury. You should do this even if the injury seems minor because it may become more serious. Workers compensation claims will then cover this.

There is a legal timeframe of 6 month to make your claim. This may be 6 months after the injury, or 6 months after you have to pay for medical expenses. After this time limit you may still be able to lodge a claim but it will have a lower likelihood of success. Appeals to the Workers Compensation tribunal are usually necessary and a valid reason for late claim. Your workers compensation lawyer will be pivotal in achieving a successful claim in either case.


Medical details are private and confidentiality should be reliable. If you feel that your confidentiality has been breached you should speak with your compensation lawyers in Adelaide. Employers can contact your doctor, but only to help you be brought back into the workforce. They will not be included in discussions of your medical treatment or diagnosis.

Contacting a compensation lawyer in Adelaide is your first step in ensuring you access the compensation you deserve. Experienced lawyers will make the process as confidential, smooth and easy as possible. Remember to keep all documentation and bring this to your meeting with your lawyer, so they can provide the assistance you need.