Sometimes it seems like there are a million activities we should enroll our kids in – dance classes, music, singing and more. It can be hard as parents to choose what activities our kids have time for, and which might not be so important. For Australian families, swimming classes should always be a priority. Our proximity to the coast and our water culture mean that kids without swimming skills are often endangered.

Health and Fitness



Swimming is a fantastic sport for growing bodies because it is low impact, so joints are not being stressed by heavy impacts. Swimming also uses all the body’s muscles so that children improve their metabolism, gain strength and improve cardiovascular health. As swimming can allow movements not possible on dry land it can be fantastic for those with low muscle tone, injuries, or disabilities.

Social Development

Swimming classes for young pre-school kids are a great way to get kids used to classes in a fun and easy way. They meet other kids and form friendships, all the while learning how to behave in groups with others. It is also important for Australian children to be able to swim as swimming is a big part of lots of social activities and events. If your child is going to be going to the beach, swimming, surfing, being in a boat, attending a pool party or a huge range of other events then swimming is extremely important. If your child feels confident in the water from a young age they will feel happy and at ease in these social situations.


Swimming skills are essential for your child’s safety. Even young bubs at 6 months old can start gaining confidence in the water and skills for floating, and as kids grow older they can progress and gain real skills and flair in the water. These skills will keep them safe in a range of situations, and an emphasis on safety should always be promoted in classes.